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Standard Software Maintenance Service (SSMS)


Software updates
We continually update and enhance our software products to be current with and use advancements in PLC, RTU's, Networks, Operating Systems and Computer Technology. Often times, these updates include the implementation of users wishes and needs. We ship these updates on request.

Hotline support
This component of the SSMS is to assist with questions via e-mail, phone or fax. Responses may include documentation/read me clarification, explanation of features, assistance with configuration questions, testing and technical assistance.

Upgrade Discounts
Customers with current Subscription Service are entitled to a 25% discount when upgrading to a different operating environment and on Engineering costs.

New Documentation/addendums
Are provided where applicable for updated software.

Priority shipments
File transfers via e-mail attachment and FTP site transfer along with FedEx Next Day shipping.

Log-in Support
Log into system, with Client’s permission, for file transfers, updates and configuration assistance.

Engineering Services

Engineering services are provided on a daily rate basis with travel time billed at 1/2 time. Rates assume an 8-hour workday. SSMS subscribers receive a 25% discount off of published rates for on-site engineering. Travel and living expenses are billed at actual. Customer may elect to pay travel and living expenses directly.


Training on products is available at customer's designated site. Our clients have found having training at their location to be productive, convenient and cost effective. We will tailor the course to meet your requirements.

Please contact us to schedule.


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