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"Automation ONSPEC Software's mission is to deliver sturdy, affordable software solutions to the process control industry."

Automation ONSPEC Software Inc. develops, maintains, markets and services the ONSPEC Family of Automation Software Solutions throughout the world.

ONSPEC was the first industrial control software for personal computers. ONSPEC provides point-to-plant wide solutions through a combination of an outstanding man/machine interface as the SCADA engine and off-the-shelf applications or customized extensions to deliver key variable information wherever and whenever the information can aid the enterprise in the management of processes.

ONSPEC is built on Client/Server technology. With 35+ years of experience in multitasking, multithreaded environments, ONSPEC is the most powerful PC based automation offering available today.

ONSPEC works with plant floor hardware and PCs to provide a single workstation or a completely redundant workplace setting and interacts with third-party MES and MRPII programs on PCs, Minis, or Mainframes. Installed throughout the world in every type of industry, ONSPEC provides real-time point-to-plantwide control using the latest in technology.

Any industry that must monitor and control its production process is a market for ONSPEC products. Always attentive to industry changes, we are excited about our work and the future as we continue to expand and update the ONSPEC product line in order to provide state-of-the-art products that will fully automate any production facility. "If the Client wants it, we will build it".


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